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  1. Upload files to our secure servers or email a link from the cloud based service of your choice such as Dropbox, YouTube or Vimeo.

  2. Select any additional services such as social media integration, quick turn projects or closed caption formatting.

  3. Secure your service with payment through PayPal at $1.50 per minute.

  4. We complete your transcript and return within 24 hours at 99% percent accuracy, professionally edited and formatted to your specifications.

  5. We will return your work via Dropbox link or email, whichever you prefer.

True Blue Transcription has a 20 year track record of returning highly accurate transcripts to clients around the world in all forms of transcription. We provide affordable solutions for your transcription needs in your timeline. We are the last partner you will ever need to bring your thoughts to the world.

Our team of transcribers is on-call 24/7 to make sure your needs are addressed immediately. Whether audio and video, transcription is done for $1 a minute. Each job is transcribed by a professional and then edited and formatted according to your exacting specifications.

Ordering couldn’t be easier. If you can send an email, hit submit and pay via PayPal, you can put our team to work for you. You have the ability to create an account if you wish to track each step of your transcript process or simply load, pay and go. No personal details necessary.

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