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Welcome to True Blue Transcription

Welcome to True Blue Transcription: your home for accurate, affordable, American medical transcription.
What if a company could lower transcription costs without compromising quality or timeliness?
What if that company could be an American company? Not just a company with an office in the US and all its transcriptionists overseas but an actual American company with everything from sales to note completion handled in the United States.

We posed those questions to seasoned practice managers, health professionals and physicians across the nation. The resounding response was a model like that would solve many problems and would definitely be the answer that many practices seek.

If you’ve asked these questions or wondered if there was a solution to your medical transcription quality, security and cost headaches, True Blue Transcription is for you. Now you have the ability to improve quality, reduce costs and work with an authentic American company. Call or email and experience the True Blue difference.

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